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Vitamin PhD Podcast

Vitamin PhD is a

Vitamin PhD is a "supplement" to doctoral study produced at Boston University. Our podcast delivers career narratives and skills know-how through two formats. In Career Pathways episodes, we help you explore career options by interviewing people who have earned their doctorate and now work in a variety of sectors. In our Navigating Challenges episodes, we discuss issues that can present difficulties in graduate school, and we provide tips to help you succeed.

Episodes: 14


Roundtable Discussion with BU PhD Students

Duration: 28 min

Navigating the Mentor/Mentee Relationship

Duration: 37 min

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Duration: 30 min

Navigating Careers in Science Policy

Duration: 37 min

Navigating Careers in Non-Profit Organizations

Duration: 23 min

Pathways to Science Academia

Duration: 30 min

Navigating Team Dynamics

Duration: 24 min

Navigating Mental Health and Balance

Duration: 29 min

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