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Enterprise Information Management Systems and Their Role in Creating Fully Digital Organizations

Enterprise Information Management Systems and Their Role in Creating Fully Digital Organizations

Stacey Bruzzese welcomes Ferdi Steinmann & Jennifer Wemstrom from OpenText to the show to discuss Enterprise Information Management and how companies are adapting to a new digital age.Visit: www.opentext.comHow can EIM help companies achieve supply chain flexibility?How will EIM solutions help companies adapt to updates to technology?Why are EIM solutions the next step in becoming a smart organization?For companies yet to embrace big data platforms are their benefits in these types of sophisticated software solutions?What steps are being made within the industry to move to a fully digital storage system?What are the pros and cons of breaking free of paper documents?Ferdi has nearly 25 years driving strategy & commercialization efforts in Biotech, Pharma, and Enterprise Software with Fortune 500 Co’s such as Merck & Co, Eli Lilly & Biogen. Ferdi’s focus is in Life Sciences (LS) strategic planning and industry marketing efforts for enterprise software solutions at OpenText today. He is energized by strategies that deliver on their promises!Jennifer Wemstrom spearheads the Life Sciences Business Unit group within OpenText. Mrs. Wemstrom’s chief responsibility is to develop enterprise content solutions for OpenText, specializing in the areas of Clinical, Regulatory and Quality systems, utilizing OpenText’s technology, including Documentum, Documentum D2, Captiva, and InfoArchive.  Jennifer joined EMC in September of 2013 and EMC was acquired by OpenText in January 2017.  Prior to EMC, Jennifer was the head of Product Strategy at CSC and played a key role in the sales and development of CSC’s Documentum-based ECM product, FirstDoc®. With twenty five years of experience as a solution specialist and consultant in OpenText and other computer systems specifically related to the life science industry, Jennifer is an expert in systems supporting the management of regulatory, clinical, and quality documentation, creation of regulatory submissions, electronic document publishing as well as system validation.  She has worked on dozens of content management implementation projects facilitating requirements workshops and training sessions within the pharmaceutical industry.  Her role at CSC also included leading the Life Sciences Presales Group, and she has performed and managed all aspects of the presales process such as vendor analysis, RFP response, product demonstrations and requirements mapping.Voices in Validation brings you the best in validation and compliance topics. Voices in Validation is brought to you by IVT Network, your expert source for life science regulatory knowledge. For more information on IVT Network, check out their website at http://ivtnetwork.com.

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