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Virtual Auditing during Covid-19

Virtual Auditing during Covid-19

Stacey Bruzzese welcomes back Chris Wubbolt, Principal of QACV Consulting, and John Patterson, Senior Consultant QACV Consulting, to the show. Today, Stacey, John and Chris will be discussing how to run a successful virtual audit during the Covid-19 pandemic.How to factor in audits into a changing schedule during a pandemicWhat goes into the decision to do a remote audit instead of on-site?What are the regulatory guidelines for virtual audits?What factors need to be considered when you do remote audits vs on-site?What needs to be performed before handling a remote audit?How can you overcome the limitations of a remote audit?How will the Covid-19 pandemic change the processes of audits moving forward?How can you have the best virtual audit experience?John is a technology savvy leader, focused on improving human health through the compliant and secure enablement of new business technologies, particularly GxP, IT/digital systems. John is experienced in IT GxP Inspection readiness and Quality Management Systems (QMS) development, Cyber Security and Data Protection, Vendor Audit Planning, Preparation, Execution & Response, Standards Interpretation, Development & Governance, Data Privacy Enablement and Compliance, Strategy Development, Organizational Design & Governance, Records Management & E-Discovery Compliance, and Emerging IT/Digital Tech (e.g. Cloud, Mobile) Regulatory Surveillance & Advocacy.Chris has over 25 years’ experience in regulated industry and has provided compliance, quality assurance and computer validation consulting services. He remains current in industry trends and requirements and frequently speaks or provides workshops at leading industry conferences and programs. Chris has a master’s Degree in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs and a BS in Physics and Computer Engineering, along with a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.Voices in Validation brings you the best in validation and compliance topics. Voices in Validation is brought to you by IVT Network, your expert source for life science regulatory knowledge. For more information on IVT Network, check out their website at http://ivtnetwork.com.

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