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Episode 8: Interview with Adam Janes, CVA

Episode 8: Interview with Adam Janes, CVA

Volunteer vigilante? Balderdash? In this episode, Adam Janes, CVA shares his thoughts on volunteer management during the Covid 19 pandemic. Adam discusses care mongerers, changes in policies, virtual volunteer roles, how to help volunteers utilize video, and what comes next for the volunteer management sector. Adam highlights the "what we can do now" mantra, even during volunteer appreciation week. Adam also shares how he will adopt some changes going forward. About Adam: Adam is an up and coming leader of Volunteers and a community advocate for all things volunteering. He currently leads the Volunteer Program at Christie Lake Kids, a local charity that helps at-risk youth and children. Adam is currently on the Ottawa Administrators of Volunteer Resources Board as the Membership Coordinator He is a member of the Beyond the Bake Sale, a platform that looks to innovate and celebrate how people invest their time, talent and treasure for the causes they care about. www.btbs.caAdam is an up and coming writer and workshop facilitator taking on assignments at a local and provincial level.When he is not engaging volunteers, Adam is happy to be called Daddy and is married to a wonderful wife.Find Adam at: check out the awesome work at Christie Lake Kids' Facebook page:

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