Florida's State Song

Florida's State Song

Over the course of the last century, Florida has had a handful of songs that could potentially hold the title of State Song. Our first state song sounds very familiar; our second and current state song has a brutal and racist history built into its very DNA. How we got here begins in Maryland... Follow Wait Five Minutes on Twitter Follow Wait Five Minutes on Instagram Follow Wait Five Minutes on Facebook Email the show at wfmpod@gmail.com!   Thank you to Alex Lothstein from the Maryland Historical Society! Thank you to Tracy C Davis from Northwestern University! Read more about the history of our state songs in this article by David Z. Kushner!   The photography used in the marketing of this show is by Lauren Nix. Check out more of her art right here!   Music  Maryland, My Maryland Swanee River (Intstrumental) Florida's Song Florida (Where The Sawgrass Meets The Sky) State Anthem   Songs Brain - Instrumental Retro Desert Ghost Town Piano Parapents Traveling to Lousiana Good Thoughts   Hear more music from Lobo Loco here!

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