The Early Years of (Orlando) Magic

The Early Years of (Orlando) Magic

The Orlando Magic were on a surefire trajectory to win the NBA Championship within their first decade of existence. By 1997, however, those dreams were dashed when an unfortunate trade and interpersonal drama led to a team-wide fallout that changed the game forever. Follow Wait Five Minutes on Twitter Follow Wait Five Minutes on Instagram Follow Wait Five Minutes on Facebook Email the show at wfmpod@gmail.com!   Thank you to John Denton from the Orlando Magic! Read more of his stories here! Check out the Orlando Sentinel article from the era, "The Last Days of Brian Hill" by Larry Guest and L.C. Johnson!   The photography used in the marketing of this show is by Lauren Nix. Check out more of her art right here!   Additional Audio 1989 Orlando Magic Inaugural Season Opener "The Original Decision" Shaq to LA   Songs   Brain - Instrumental Retro Hey Go Smuggler  Peaceful Morning Echoes Boogie Dancehall Good Thoughts Hear more music from Lobo Loco here!

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