The Humble Gopher Tortoise

The Humble Gopher Tortoise

Of all the animals native to Florida, it is hard to imagine an animal as unique, and as vital, as our beloved tortoise. Named for their burrowing habits, these critters find themselves in a unique position: they're one of the most important animals in the Floridian ecosystem. Follow Wait Five Minutes on Twitter Follow Wait Five Minutes on Instagram Follow Wait Five Minutes on Facebook Email the show at wfmpod@gmail.com!   Thank you to Dr. Steven Whitfield from Zoo Miami! Check out more of his work here. Learn more about the Gopher Tortoise FWC program run by Dr. Katherine Gentry!   The photography used in the marketing of this show is by Lauren Nix. Check out more of her art right here!   Songs Smuggler Peaceful Morning Traveling to Louisiana Blackbird Traveling Horse Hear more music from Lobo Loco here!

Duration: 27 min

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