Vacation on Sanibel Island

Vacation on Sanibel Island

Today is the Two Year Anniversary of Wait Five Minutes, and to celebrate, we are taking a podcast holiday to the beautiful Sanibel Island. This city, mostly conserved land, took decades to develop. Today, it is a vibrant, unique community with an endlessly rich history and a story all its own.   Follow Wait Five Minutes on Twitter Follow Wait Five Minutes on Instagram Follow Wait Five Minutes on Facebook Email the show at wfmpod@gmail.com!   Thank you to Emilie Alfino and the Sanibel Historical Museum and Village for all of their help! Learn more about the museum here! Read Emilie's book right here!   The photography used in the marketing of this show is by Lauren Nix. Check out more of her art right here!   Songs Traveling Horse Desert Ghost Town Blackbird Piano Parapentes Echoes Boogie Dancehall Peaceful Morning Good Thoughts Hear more music from Lobo Loco here!

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