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Walburg Network News Podcast 5: Quarantine Week 3

Walburg Network News Podcast 5: Quarantine Week 3

This was a special quarantine week podcast as the community moves into preparation for Holy Week. We spoke with Pastor Blane from Mt Ararat Missionary Baptist Church in Bartlett, TX and we share some time with him talking about faith in these times.We also covered some of the community happenings with Josh Hobratsch and how the National Christian Foundation, Dales Essenhaus, Pastor Kevin from Zion Lutheran, Zion Lutheran volunteers, and Kris Kasper are teaming up to help deliver food to the community. (the crickets are explained in some bonus coverage with Josh at the end of the podcast, and it is all in good fun) We also covered upcoming plans for Food With Friends with Joyce White. We then got Pastor Phil from St Peter Lutheran Church on to talk about their plans for Holy Week, and we spoke with Pastor John at Zion Lutheran to cover their plans. (Spoiler alert we invited Pastor John back next week for a longer talk)Jerry Smiley MF and Lorenzo stopped by and we had a good, safe time and we capped off the podcast with a special discussion about making masks with our friend Lorenzo. Stick around after the credits for some bonus coverage with Josh Hobratsch! It will explain the crickets and why Josh seemed so sleepy.

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