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Walburg Network Podcast 6: Easter Weekend

Walburg Network Podcast 6: Easter Weekend

On this week's podcast we had some more special guests via phone and in the studio.We were able to visit with Pastor John from Zion Lutheran and he shared a wonderful Easter message. We then got a call from Walburg's own lay on the couch comic, Mr Josh Hobratsch.Finally we had Ronnie from the Walburg German Restaurant stop in and talk about what is happening at the restaurant and his plans for some up coming take out. Ronnie is one of the Walburg Boys as well and he played a special song for his friend that recently past, Mr Sunshine Willie.Rusty of the Walburg Boy's also played a song for the podcast and we had a chance to talk to Ronnie and Rusty.Stay tuned at the end for some bonus content with Ronnie about schnitzel and is guaranteed to make you hungry for some German food!Happy Easter, the churches may be empty but so is the tomb, HE IS RISEN.

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