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WNN PODCAST 10: Mother's Day Week

WNN PODCAST 10: Mother's Day Week

This week on the podcast we are graced with Pastor Davenport from @Zion Lutheran Church and School. He shared a beautiful message and a prayer with us. Definitely some salve to soothe the soul.Then this week we decided to dive into some history of Walburg. We got on the phone with Jon Emil Kasper and learned about the bars of Walburg. A lot of history and information shared. We also got Mary Schwertener on the phone who actually was a barmaid at one of the bars of Walburg.We of course got @Josh Hobratsch on for some puns and more history of Walburg. Josh shared his memories of cruising the candy counter and drinking Big Red.We finished it of with Rusty talking about playing at @st peter church of walburg with Ronie Tiplet of @Walburg German Restaurant & Biergarten for Mother’s Day. Sit back inoculate and enjoy the show!

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