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WNN PODCAST 7.0: COVID-19 WEEK we lost count

WNN PODCAST 7.0: COVID-19 WEEK we lost count

This week WNN delivers an inspirational message from in-studio guest Pastor Dean Hamilton. Pastor Dean delivered a great message and covered a few other fun topics as well. Listen close his humor is sharp!We then got Pastor Blane from Mt. Ararat Missionary Baptist Church - Bartlett,TX on the phone. Pastor Blane shared the happenings in Bartlett and delivered a beautiful message. We apologize in the prayer portion the phone signal got a garbled, but the  prayer was too beautiful to cut.Next we got our couch slouch comic Josh Hobratsch on the phone. As always Josh had a few crickets and a some laughs. We discussed what would you but in your disaster relief box. Finally, we learned Josh's wife is a better writer of  jokes than Josh. We capped it off with a garden report from Mr. Terry Friedrich "the turnip king" and some reporting on the disaster relief boxes delivered by Joyce White and food from friends.We hope you enjoy the show!

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