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WNN Podcast: Fathers Day at the Biergarten

WNN Podcast: Fathers Day at the Biergarten

On this special episode of WNN Podcast we recorded  from the Walburg German Restaurant and Biergarten. We speak with Ronald Tippelt and Michele Tippelt about the re-opening of the restaurant and biergarten. We also speak with Kelly Simek about the biergarten menu.Pastor Dean talks about the Gospel service at the biergarten, and we also spoke with Brody, Chris and Franky Simek about passing down memories between father and son through the generations.We also had Terry in to talk about the Walburg Farmers Market in New Corn Hill at Moravian Hall.Last we bring back podcast favorites Josh Hobratsch and Lorenzo the one eyed bandit. Sit back inoculate and enjoy!

Duration: 1 hr 9 min

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