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WNN PODCAST WEEK 11: More History of Walburg

WNN PODCAST WEEK 11: More History of Walburg

This week we have Pastor Dean Hamilton on to lead us with a little suave to soothe the soul. We then jump into a little history of the area with Mr. Don Tschoerner as he talks about the movie Michael and how it was filmed at and around @Moravian Hall. He also talks about the Walburg Farmers Market in New Corn Hill, Texas at Moravian Hall.We then jumped right into the garden report with Don and Terry.We then got some more history from Mr John Emil Kasper. He talks about the old cotton gin and other areas around Walburg.We then jumped into the couch slouch comic with @Josh Hobratsch. And he also covered the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Stars over Henrietta. Both filmed in and around Walburg.Finally we talk about the Ronald Regan expansion with Gerald Kurio. There is something amiss at the county offices and Gerald wants to talk about it.Sit back, have 1 or a 12 pack and enjoy.

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