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Hello Podcast Listeners! In our Sixty Second episode, we talk about the hip slang all the kool kids are using, Toni Morrison and her contributions to "lit"erature, and the most horrific pokemon entries in the Pokedex! We debate about the pros and cons of pokemon and share our favorite candle scents! It's a good ole time with all the goof and gaffs and laughs your heart can handle! OUR GOALS: 250 Facebook page likes (one lucky person who likes our page will get a free awesome 3d print!), 150 Subscribers (We make a completely fan requested episode), and 50 apple podcast reviews (Lazar eats a Habanero Pepper on air)! If you can, please share this with as many friends, family, acquaintances, medical or legal professionals, or college roommates as you can! We are giving away awesome prizes as a thank you for all your support when we reach our goals! Be sure to follow us on social media at @whyapodcast for more content! And If you're feeling extra generous please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! Support Why?: A Podcast! by donating to the tip jar: Find out more at

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