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Win Daily Show Interviews: #24 Keith McDonnell, KMi Gaming

Win Daily Show Interviews: #24 Keith McDonnell, KMi Gaming

Keith McDonnell joins Michael Rasile to discuss his career in the sports betting space. Keith started over in the UK before moving over here to the United States. Keith helps sports betting companies from a consulting perspective to make sure that they can become successful. He is the CEO and Founder of KMi Gaming. Keith is able to connect groups of people to make sure that things are getting done. He has helped companies from Asia, Europe, as well as many here in the United States. He helps us understand the different betting markets around the world, how mobile is changing the game, and how in-game betting is different around the world.  Make sure to follow Keith and KMi! skype: keith_mcdonnell (Windermere) Make sure to follow Win Daily, too!

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