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Episode 73: Oops I Snipped It Again

Episode 73: Oops I Snipped It Again

Another episode is in the can and we've might have finally run out of things to say to one another. Who am I kidding... we always find a way of making something out of nothing. Formula Fun makes a comeback to the show with some great results. 45 has another display that makes you want to scratch your head. Stacy fills us in on a pod called Mobituaries. Huw tries to figure out the success of people using the NYNSC system. The crew breaks down the late-night shows and their hosts. Popeye's had a fun day with their sandwich the day we recorded. People must be getting hangry more than we know. Keanu and being age appropriate is the new cool thing. We go through the idea of getting vasectomies and how the relief might be a good thing. Sometimes we all just need a break from the guy in charge and his tweeting. We look into the idea of being self-partnered that leads us down the hole of where are the Harry Potter characters now. When it comes to holiday movies it feels like Halloween is a hard pass. While Christmas has a completely different reaction. Will Ferrell, Elf, Night of the Roxbury, SNL... we see where this took us. Finally, look at the sketch shows we no longer have and we kind of need. Thanks, everyone for taking the time and listening to this week's show.

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