Chelsea Harfoush & Ellie Main

18: Mountains, Marathons, Larks, and Dynamite

18: Mountains, Marathons, Larks, and Dynamite

Ellie, Chelsea and Mitch bring you some more mind bamboozling topics. Marathons that should never have been run, the genius of Nic Cage (National Treasure was right) and, oh...don't listen to morning people. Join us for another episode and learn about owls, larks, rat poison and what you can do with a few million dollars and a butt load of dynamite. We hope you are all doing ok out there. It's a weird time, folks.Please enjoy the 18th episode of Wut! If you like what you hear, leave us a cute review and check out to support and for merch!We want to give a SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT to our patrons for helping to make this episode possible! Kerry, Loren, James, Adam, Frankie, Patrick, Miles, Courtney, and Jordan - you are every good flavor under the rainbow, with sprinkles on top (but like, the good ones, not those plasticky bits). Much love and see you next week!

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