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19: Somehow this episode was our longest yet???

19: Somehow this episode was our longest yet???

Hey guys, Chelsea here: I'm just gonna level with you. Ellie always edits our episodes and I wanted to give her a break this week, so I edited the damn thing (we were on a tight turnaround) but now it's two am and I cannot believe that on this day, when we finally decided to do an episode without a guest, we recorded for OVER TWO HOURS. As long as this episode might seem, I want you to know I cut over an hour of content even before I went in and cleaned everything up. Turns out Ellie and I really like just talking to each other!It doesn't hurt that this week's topics (the origin of the Ponzi scheme, the current state of the Special Relationship re: Anne Sacoolas/Harry Dunn and the secret history behind diplomatic immunity) truly f***ing BANG. Also I had to cut it out but I found out what a shadow minister is? England, are y'all okay???? Please enjoy the 19th episode of Wut! If you like what you hear, leave us a cute review and check out to support and for merch!We want to give a SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT to our patrons for helping to make this episode possible! Kerry, Loren, James, Adam, Frankie, Patrick, Miles, Courtney, and Jordan - you are every good flavor under the rainbow, with sprinkles on top (but like, the good ones, not those plasticky bits). Much love and see you next week!

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