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20: Tracing Antiblackness Through the U.S. Census and Tracing the Friendly Gene Through All Kinds of Friends

20: Tracing Antiblackness Through the U.S. Census and Tracing the Friendly Gene Through All Kinds of Friends

THINGS YOU CAN DO AT HOME FOR FREEUse your social media platforms to amplify Black voices. Twitter gets a bad rap for a lot of good reasons, but the truth is a lot of people wouldn't know what was going on in Minneapolis or LA or Houston without seeing tweets and Instagram stories from people sharing in their network. We need to become unignorable online and off.Educate yourself through free resources. Many libraries are still closed, but you can rent e-books online. Focus on the history and testimonials of people you don't hear from in school.Campaign Zero has tools to help you find your representatives to call, email, or visit in person to create social pressure for change (scroll to the bottom of the page for this tool.)Click here to demand comprehensive criminal justice reform, Medicaid expansion, and equitable recovery from COVID-19 (via NAACP).Text FLOYD to 55156 to demand justice for George FloydText “ENOUGH” to 55156 - demand justice for Breonna TaylorText “JUSTICE” to 55156 - demand DA George Barnhill and Jackie Johnson are removed from office (Ahmaud Arbery case)Find your city's local budget survey (here's LA's and here's Austin's) and tell them you want to promote social welfare like emergency services over the militarization of the police.THINGS YOU CAN DO AT HOME WITH $$$Replace Amazon with Black-owned businessesDonate to your local food bankSupport Unicorn Riot (independent nonprofit journalism and livestreams)Support the Black Legal Action Centre (Canadian org)Many bail funds are reporting an excess of donations, but if you donate to ActBlue here you can ask them to spread your donation across 32 organizations based on who needs it most.This map of Twin Cities shows which organizations need what the most.THINGS YOU CAN DO IN THE STREETSJoin your closest protestBring masks, hand sanitizer, water to your closest protestors, stand on a street corner, and hand them outMilk for pepper spray, water with baking soda for tear gastraffic cone + water deactivates tear gas canistersWeaponize your hobbies: like to draw? Create yard signs. Purchase supplies from Black-owned businesses. Are you a streamer? Can you use your favorite RPGs/game lore to help educate your viewers about the dangers of fascism? Get creative.Find and join your local direct action community, or start one of your own.

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