Episode 01: How important is data privacy?

Episode 01: How important is data privacy?

Could privacy become only for the rich? Pernille Tranberg thinks so. Pernille is a journalist, advisor, and educator in data ethics, data privacy, and data democracy and is actively exploring what the role of data is today. Our Futures Lab Director, Lasse Underbjerg, went along to meet her.In the next 30 minutes, you’ll discover: - what data ethics and data privacy is - the different types of data and how they can be used for positive impact - how to anonymize data - how different companies and countries are dealing with data privacy - where data has been abused and where we should draw the line - what companies can do to process data more ethically - when human usage of data vs AI usage is acceptable - how you can design for data and how data can help us - real-life examples of how data is used responsibly - …and what the future of data privacy will look like More on what the YELLO podcast is in Episode 00.And why not get to know us better? Visit our website: or follow Designit on Instagram and LinkedIn. Enjoy the episode, The YELLO team

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