Episode 02: The mess we're in

Episode 02: The mess we're in

Mike Monteiro, author, designer, and co-founder of Mule Design, based in San Francisco, joins Guro Røberg from our Oslo studio to talk about how we can begin to think through the problems we're facing in the world right now. His message is clear: there’s work to be done. Lessons from our recent history serve up some useful teachings on how to design ethically (and unethically). We’ll examine some of those more closely, and critically. As a champion for design, education, leadership, working practices, and diversity – Mike believes we can build better societies for all if we just bother to learn from our mistakes and understand what it really means to design responsibly. These are topics covered in both his latest book ‘Ruined by Design’ …AND in this episode. // If you arrived at this episode and wonder what podcast is about, what it stands for, take a listen to Episode 00 - everything you need to know is in there.// Subscribe so you'll never miss a thing.// And, if you have ideas or suggestions you’re just burning to share, write to us at - we’ll try our best to follow up.Enjoy! // PS: the artwork for this episode was provided to us by Mike himself. Credit goes to an artist called The Dollar Demon, he says.

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