Episode 03: The business of sustainability

Episode 03: The business of sustainability

YELLO meets Johann Olav Koss. An Olympic gold medallist in speed skating and founder of the global non-profit organization, Right to Play. We took the opportunity to talk with him to better understand his passion for sustainability and leadership. Since founding Right To Play in 2000, the non-profit is now working with schools and community-based organizations globally, offering training and education through its innovative play-based learning methodology. What needs to happen to successfully build and grow sustainable organizations, like Right To Play? And what is expected of business leaders as they shape the organizations of the future? As Johann points out, working within the right time horizon helps. Leading the conversation with Johann is Guro Røberg, based out of our Oslo studio with sustainability at the forefront of her interests in design. We hope you enjoy! // If you arrived at this episode and wonder what podcast is about, what it stands for, take a listen to Episode 00 - everything you need to know is in there. // Subscribe so you'll never miss a thing. Please consider leaving a rating too - it really helps us. // And, if you have ideas or suggestions you’re just burning to share, write to us at - we’ll try our best to follow up.

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