You, Me & CBD

S1, E7, The one where we have the talk with your Doc.

S1, E7, The one where we have the talk with your Doc.

How should you talk to your doctor about CBD? This episode we discuss questions you should ask your care provider when it comes to CBD. In some cases, you will find that your doctor just doesn’t have the answers and a little education is good medicine. If your taking CBD, it’s important that you tell your doctor, so it can be a part of your medical history. You won’t get in trouble; CBD is legal and safe.  Farmer & Chemist is dedicated to provide education and quality CBD products to our customers. Purchasing CBD can be daunting at first, but we're here to ensure that you find the product best suited to your needs. Farmer & Chemist is committed to elevating health and wellness by providing the highest quality CBD products on the market and giving you access to expert pharmacists.What makes Farmer & Chemist different? We have Pharmacists on staff to answer your

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