Range of The Human Voice

Range of The Human Voice Definition - What is the Range of T

The average adult male has a vocal frequency ranging from 85 to 1800hz (roughly F1 to A5 in musical notation). The average adult female has a vocal frequency ranging from 165 to 2550hz (roughly E2 to D#6 in musical notation). In other words, if you were looking at a piano or keyboard, from left to right starting with A1, going through the octave of A-B-C-D-E-F-G-A and ending with C8, at the end of the 8th octave, the male voice would cover the range from the first F key (the sixth key to the left) up to the fifth A key (roughly the middle of the piano) and the female voice would start on the 2nd E key, the 12th key to the left, and would end with a note between the 6th D and F notes, almost all the way on the far right end of the piano.

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