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Welcome to The Continual Growth Podcast, a platform where we aim to break down what 'growing through what we're going through' is all about. We believe that begins with understanding our current state (society and each of us individually), developing consistent patterns that are designed to help us move forward, and lastly the importance of being able to respond when called upon and holding ourselves accountable to the commitments we place in front of us. You are here because there is something that matters to you far more than you previously believed. You are here because you heard that it’s possible to impact your life in a massive way by following through on taking ownership of your life. You are here because you want to start living life the way it was meant to be lived, in a state of Continual Growth! Join hosts Bwanka & Sturr along with members of their community and special guests who share their knowledge and experiences to help us all find a way to Create Happiness Through Growth! Bless

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