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However, I still get this question from my students & clients “Hiren What should we Focus in SEO for 20?” 
Yes, there are people who have still not started planning their SEO for 2019. If you’re one of them, you have my back.
“Better late than never”
Well, the positive part is there are still 11 Months (Approx. 330 Days) left(assuming you work on Weekends).
If you’re serious about your SEO efforts & want to bank on Organic channel for your Website in 2019. This podcast is for you. I am sharing 3 Essential SEO trends that you should be following in 2019(if not following already).
Some of you might think that these are the basic things and some of them might already be knowing it. The irony is we always sort of tend to miss the basics. Let’s make this 2019 (330 Days) year of Organic Traffic!

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